A new, superordinate theory of human development defines LOVE for the first time in scientific terms, with concomitant proofs. The theory and its application makes the giving and getting of love unconditionally available for any individual to learn.


Is there any relationship in your life that is not as loving as you would like it to be – a spouse – a lover – a parent – a child – and associate?

If you would like to change that relationship into a more loving relationship then participate in an upcoming research study, which is validating the new theory’s efficacy. I believe what you will learn while participating will enable you to achieve that desire more then anything you have previously read, heard, or learned about love.

In a groundbreaking book about loving author, Stefan Deutsch, who has taught countless individuals his new theory and how to apply it to everyday life, introduces his new ideas about human development. This book will define love scientifically, and will teach how it can be given and received unconditionally. The book also contains many stories illustrating the effectiveness of his teaching.

For the scientific, training and coaching community, Mr. Deutsch has chosen to do a short term controlled research study to further illustrate how well the theory works in people’s lives. He is giving a small group of professionals and individuals, people he has never met or taught, the opportunity to ‘try out’ his ground breaking theories, over a 1 month period. All absolutely FREE. The 3 training workshops, at 2 week intervals, will be done via teleconferencing, scheduled well in advance. Workshop materials will be posted on this website. They will be accessible to participants only.

Many thought that perhaps discoveries like that of the atomic structure of nature, or the DNA structure of the body, or medical cures like penicillin, etc. were the breakthroughs humanity needed. With them would come progress, and then happiness. This didn’t occur.

The real discovery humanity has been waiting for is the ‘ability to love successfully’. Without knowing how to give and get love unconditionally there can be no happiness.

The good news is that we know how to give and get love unconditionally, because we’re born with the ability.

Then something very painful happens. Instead of the potential of this inborn ability being fully developed, like the potential of the muscles of our body and the ‘muscles’ of the mind, it is stunted, often damaged, and thereafter used with fear and apprehension.

Unfortunately, at this stage of our evolutionary progress as human beings we still have not discovered the true nature of love, nor have we fully understood and appreciated why we need love so much. Although we yearn for love, we don’t get it or give it unconditionally. Except perhaps to babies. This is all about to change.

6CO2 + 6H2O + sunlight --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 = Loving is as simple as inhaling oxygen and exhaling CO2.

If you would like to participate in this research study, the results of which will be published in his new book

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